How do I Talk to Girls?

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Visitor's Question:
i am too shy, un-confident, and i don't know how to approach toward the girls.

tell me the opening of coversation i mean to approach

Our Suggestion:
It all comes down to practice. You can talk to boys, right? So what's the difference about a girl? When you were younger, you talked with boys and girls all the time without caring that one was "male" and the other "female". It's only your brain that has changed, that now things girls are "scary". So train your brain :)

I have advice on talking to people here -

complete with a list of interesting things to talk about. But you just have to practice. A girl isn't a space alien. She's a person, just like a boy. And she wants to have friends, just like boys do. So talk to them! Be friendly! :)

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