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Visitor's Question:
Basically, i like older men to start. Especially when it comes to flirting, because they are more sensible to talk to and they actually listen to what i say unlike men around my age who spends more time looking at my tits rather than actually having a conversation.

But i think i have gone far with this spanish guy i met a month ago.

We do talk a lot for hours and kept in touch on his last month of stay in my country. Then we spent a really intimate one week together, we even went to a short vacation and i felt that my flirting game has been shattered. I never lost this much before in a flirting game. He's the only guy who can catch me off guard and he talks to me with no judgement at all. For that one week i felt really special. And i thought that those moments on bed were more than just that. I felt that there is some sort of connection that we are building together. Maybe that is just my mind being biased and all.

Now he is back in London to work and it has been a week and i haven't heard from him yet.

Is it stupid of me to start looking for him when in fact we can't even be in touch?

Should i just move on and forget this guy who made me feel alive and special about myself?

Or should i still hold onto the slightest possibility of ever starting a relationship perhaps?

Or is expecting a relationship with him is so bleak?

Our Suggestion:
All sorts of things happen. People lose phone numbers. They get crazy busy with work. I wouldn't read anything into it until you talk to him.

Find a way to make contact. See what's going on. There's no reason to jump to any conclusions until you can talk with him and see what the situation is.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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