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Visitor's Question:
I met this girl at work. She is 18 and I'm 22. She came from France to England for a 8 week training period and we hit it off straight away. We were soon inseparable.

Without really realising it, we became more and more serious very quickly. We have both said to one another that we love each other and have genuine feelings for one another.

We both knew at the beginning that she would be going back home at the end of the 8 weeks (hense my initial reluctance to become serious) but we are now both determined to make this work long distance. She only left yesterday, but I miss her dearly already.

But with my hectic life and working hours and the distance between us, I am not really sure how this is realistically going to work as this is our first long distance relationship but we are desperate to give it a fighting chance.
I am looking for some advise on how to keep our relationship fresh and just generally keeping it alive bearing in mind the language barrier, the 4 year age gap and the fact she's still fairly young and the distance between us (roughly 400 miles).

Thank you for your time!

Our Suggestion:
Heck, you guys are really close compared with many people who are long distance! You could actually visit each other occasionally if you wanted to. Many people are thousands of miles away! Count your blessings :).

Especially in our modern world of text and IM and email, and Skype, you can talk quite regularly and pretty much for free.

Keep up the daily contact. Send messages. Check in. Talk. Flirt. Send photos of the things you're eating. Share songs. The more you keep those little touches flowing, the more you'll maintain the closeness.

Heck, you could easily talk more than many live-in married couples do :).

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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