I'm Fit and Good Looking - Why Won't Women Date Me?

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Visitor's Question:
I have never been successful with girls. I've always been rejected in the past. It have made me more scared of trying again nowadays. Im so afraid to get rejected, which i probably will be anyways.

I've never been very popular in school. I'm quite fit and decent looking, so i don't think that's the problem. It must be something wrong with me, im certain of it.

So my question is: Should i try again?

Our Suggestion:
All people go through trial and error. Learning to ride a bike involves falling down. Learning to walk involves falling down! These are natural parts of life. Life is about practice.

You need to accept that as normal. Everything involves practice. You keep practicing and learning and going forward. That is how anything in life is done. You are always going to fail. You are always going to need to improve and learn and improve some more. That is the nature of life, from when you start until when you end.

Women don't choose a partner because they're "fit" and "good looking". That would be fairly shallow. There are many other far more important things women look for. It's time for you to become more than a shallow stereotype. Women don't want a Ken Doll. They want a person of respect and honor to stand at their side.

Read through our many pages on dating, to learn how to interact more authentically with women, so they can see what is behind the hair and the fit muscles.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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