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Visitor's Question:
I have known this guy all my life. Even though we used to be best friends when we were little and obviously had huge crushes on each other, we stopped talking and sort of went our separate ways in middle school.

Now we are graduated living in different towns but have been frequently emailing more than once every day for nearly a year. He has told me that he would not be who he is without me and that our experiences mean the world to him. His brother has even asked me if we liked each other. He has told me he is single and he always remembers all of the little things most men do not remember.

Does he still like me and can we have a possible relationship?

Our Suggestion:
The fact that you guys email each other daily and that he has fond memories of you definitely seems to be a good sign. I would approach this as "turning a male friend into a boyfriend" challenge. We have tons of tips on how to do that here -


So start slow and easy. See if there's a movie he wants to see and then let him know you wanted to see it too, and maybe you could go together as friends. Ease him into the idea. One step at a time!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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