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i met this guy at college, he 17 and im 16. we both really like each other, i am sure of it!and we have met up a couple of times but since he left college, i have hardly seen him. last time i saw him, we had a really intimate hug and i thought that he was going to kiss me, he didn't. we are not actually dating but are more than friends. How should i hint that i want more? Im sure he does too but im kinda shy and can't just tell him. thankyouu x

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I would simply suggest you ask him to do something with you. You don't even have to make it like a date - just suggest you get together to study, or to grab a drink after a test or something. A pre-test coffee together. Just make it about school to take off the heat, and see if he jumps at the chance. If he does, you'll know he might be interested in more.

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