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My friend & I had been best friends for almost 4 years now, but that was only because he had a huge crush on me that time & i wasn't interested. However we became really close despite that. Though he made sure i knew that his feelings for me never went away, even though he started dating other girls. Last year, he kissed me while still having a girlfriend & it was really awkward. This year, he's still with that girlfriend but we told each other how we felt. He says he's in love with me, & i think i'm in love with him too. He says he really wants us to happen, 'some day' though he cant right now because of his girlfriend. They broke up for some reason a few weeks ago & he was heavily depressed. What does that mean about what he feels for me? I want to move on with this great guy i met recently, but i honestly cant exclude my best friend out of my life. The thought of it kills me already. Just tell me what to do, because i cant keep feeling so lost & uncertain.

Our Suggestion:
You have to talk to him. Tell him that you are thinking about being with this new guy, but that you want to make sure you aren't closing the door with him (the best friend) if there is any romantic potential.

You really do need to know, and this is the time. You are both free, and if you miss this window, it might not happen again.

Take a deep breath and have a clear, honest discussion together. If things don't look good for being together after a good talk, then move on with the new guy.

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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