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Alright, I took this girl that I've known and liked for about 4 years out dancing. We aren't officially dating, but we like to go to places together. We went to a class and then a dance party afterwards. She seemed to be having a good time and enjoying herself. However, at one time or another, she told me that I could probably pick up some chicks at the dance place. There was nobody my age there so I wasn't flirting with anyone (not that I would with the awesome girl I was with). Is she hinting that she doesn't care for me? She means a lot to me and I don't want to waste my time on this one girl.


Our Suggestion:
Hi Dan. It seems clear this girl is not looking for a relationship with you. Someone who wants you would probably not suggest picking up chicks when you are on a date with her. It sounds more like she very much enjoys your company as a friend.

Could she want to date you? It's possible. I'd look for some hints: does she make excuses to be in your personal space, or to touch you a lot? Do you see her looking at you when she thinks you aren't looking? Do your friends think she likes you as more than a friend?

If it's not clear though, they you are smart in not wanting to spend a lot of energy on this one girl. You might want to continue to hang out with her, but don't put your eggs in her basket - find someone who is interested in being with you in the special way you deserve.

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