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Visitor's Question:
I have a friend that Ive known since I was like 8 and he was 15. In the past we used to see eachother alot but now we don't but we still keep in contact & will see eachother if we can. I am now 16 and he is 23.
A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me (in a bad way, but thats not important), when he found out I was hurt he said "if you need to get my mind off of it you can talk to me I'm always online." So I took him up on his ofer. The first time we talked he just let me vent & tell him what had happened, but the next day when we were talking about it he called me more mature than the people around me, and then later he said that "its his loss in the end really" and "you know your talented and very beauitful, dont take it if it goes bad as somethign on your end." I didnt think anything of it till I told my friends @ school about it b/c I thought it was nice of him, 2 say that 2 cheer me up. They think that its creepy that hes my friend and on top they say he was flirting with me.
So my questions are:
Is it wierd that hes my friend?
Is he flirting with me?/ How do I find out if he's flirting w/me for certin?
If he is what should I do?


P.S. Sorry this is so long.

Our Suggestion:
No, it is not weird that he is your friend. Your friendship goes way back.

He may be flirting but you won't know for sure until more time passes and he makes more comments.

If you decide he is flirting, then weigh the pros and cons of having a relationship with him. He is certainly older than you but they say that age doesn't make a difference.

Your question wasn't too long.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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