ok so my ex is my bff and i dated him and now hes acting all flirty and stuff and im 15

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so like this wont be a 8page novel lol. Ok so My BFF i cant say his name but hes of the opposite sex and I dated him like Febury 2007 and so at our dance which was 3days after we hooked up he was gonna break up with me because my jealousy but i said i was sorry and he didnt..so then on valentines day he broke up with me because i said this one guy was hott...but i was just overexgarrating and so i threw a cheesetick at him and so we got back together the end of the day .So then my sister signed up for myspace aand i pretended being her telling him about how happy "she" was about us and stuff. So then I pretended( i love roleplaying) being this other person and they made him mad..so like 2 weeks in march he said our relationship was on the rocks..and so then ill skip march casue nothin hapened we just went on like 5 dates...he took me to a musical...resturant...movies...park...thats it..so then in april he didnt tell me but he started having second thoughts..and then in may he offically broke it off..and i was sooo upset and i hated him...and so we didnt talk for the whole summer. We got into a ton of arguments..and now he lies his head on my shouldler and he puts his arm around me and he does it in public too..and he calls me ever single day..and he says he likes skinny curvy girls like angelina jolie...well..hes been like really mean to people latley and he even nagged my crush....and so it was weird too...and whenever i tell him what guy i like he makes fun of them and says somethin bad..and now hes in a musical and his other ex..shes in another show which is almost over thank god..and shes VERY clingy and clings to anyone..so what do you think they do down there...becasue he says he doesnt want any of his ex's back btu why does he treat me like this and a long time ago we had an argument and he said he gave me 3 chances but he really didnt..please help me...and you should see the way his eyes sparkle when he looks at me and whenever hes around me he puts on lip chap...and he usues Axe spray and why when i like get really close to him i get these butterflies tingle like feelings in my stomache.and he sits really close to me ..PLEASE HELP ME!

Our Suggestion:
Just keep being his friend and eventually you two will grow back together again.

Both of you need to work on your emotional maturity... you both go up and down like a merry go round.

Talk with him whenever you can and LISTEN to what he means, NOT what he says. He doesn't seem to be able to express himself well, so you have to help.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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