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well, i was not sure if this is the right category to post this question in...i could have chosen I am cheating as it is: I live abroad, and dated another girl that was living abroad for 4 years. we were happy and planning our lives together. but things changed, and she dumped me...we weren't "on the right spiritual path" at that time. it has been 8 months, and I have moved on to a new girlfriend who does make me happy when we are together, but she lives far away (4 hours by car) so we are not together that often. My ex has since rekindled our friendship which straight away turned physical. (this is my cheating part) My ex will be moving away next year, pursuing OUR goals that we had chosen together. I don't know why she came back into my life, but it makes me question my happiness of being with new girl. My question i try and pursue my ex, as she is closer to me (about a 2 minute walk) and i can enjoy time with her more often..for 6 months anyways, or do i try and stick it out living far from new girl, and feeling lonely when she is not here?

troubled traveller

Our Suggestion:
A missing piece of the puzzle is whether you could/would move in six months with your ex to your goal.

If that is a possibility then getting back with your ex seems the better choice.

But, if you are just talking about six months of enjoyment and then nothing the choice looks better for your new girlfriend.

Long distance romances are tough in any case so my suggestion is to go with your ex.

Good luck! George

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