Broken, she broke me and I know its time to move on

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Visitor's Question:
Hey george! Its me! u kno the guy who couldn't decide to choose between 2 girls. And you said I should choose B*? OK, I followed ur advice and chose B*. Its was great...but it didn't last long. Soon after that, B* got into some fight and been in the hospital.
The doctors said its very dangerous for her coz she got some sort of disorder with her kidney or something...And worse thing are that her parents lost her custody for her...Which sucks coz I haven't seen her ever since (and yeah, I tried to call her before that, but her mum doesn't like me for some reason and said she wasn't available)

So we kept in touch through txt messaging. However I've not recieved a txt from her for nearly 2 months. The last txt I got from her is "Where are u? Im cut! Come and get me!" someting like that...I couldn't pick her up coz I was attending a wedding and yeah. That's the last time I heard from her...

My questions are these:
Should I move on? And how? (my heart said I should move on coz she's always in dangerous situation and 1 day i couldn't be there with her and I think I lost her already)
Don't worry, Im not depressed or something I just need some help on how to move on (coz our relationship was 1 of the most physical relationship I've ever had)
And I got my eye on some1 already lol. So maybe next time my advice will be how to get this other girl, haha.

Our Suggestion:
From the way you describe things, I say move on.

It's been a long time since you've seen her and things don't sound so good anyhow.

So why try to date this new girl? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Good luck! George

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