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Im sorry for cheating on you. Im sorry for all the bullshit I put you through and all the pain Ive caused you. You never diserved anything I put you through. I only did it because you wernt there for me at all and I know your shy but I didnt want to come on too strong and scare you away. I know we've talked about it and you didnt seem like you wanted much to happen for a long time between us. I know its my fault and I just hope we can be together again. You are my world and I dont know if Im ever going to get over you and what Ive done to you. Just accept this apology please and consider the wonderful time we had together before you make the final decision. I hope you'll make the right decision and choose what your heart truely wants. I just want you to be happy wheather it be with me, or without. I love you.


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