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Forgive my stupidity

I know you are angry at me and I wish I had the power to take back those words. I did mean control your life. That has never been my intent. The things I love most about you are your free spirit and honesty. My only concern is for your hapiness and that of our children. I was an idiot, foolish and stupid. The things that I said to you when we were angry were untrue. When you told me that you did not love me and that you did not want to be with me and that I was disgusting hurt me very deeply but it gave me no right to say the things that I said. I regret every word that came from my mouth that hurt you in anyway. I do not know what will happen with us. I assume you no longer want me as you have returned your engagement ring to me. I hope our relationship can be saved and you can forgive my stupidity. I do not want to control your life I just want to be a part of it. My heart and soul are for you and our children. Please do not let my mistakes end this relationship. All of my love remains yours. Please accept my humblest apologies for my poor behavior. All my Love Richard


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