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Charade cannot continue

I'm over you and I think you know, so the hell with you
god made me a woman so I deserve more, maybe It's not your place realize, In gods eyes I'm a queen, but be thankful I even had the ability to love YOU!!????,because not just any woman would have the nerve, not every woman or girl has my ability to forgive, my limitless limits, my love for love, I laid down my self respect and walked all over it!FOR YOU!!! I walked through drty waters of self betrayal, and drowned in it's depth of guilt,but some where along that line i got over you, you had me for a while i admit at once this, was true but every story must end, because this chardae can not continue, BUT SAY NO MMORE
because withuot you there would be no woman, no backbone to your entire exsistence, and now you'll go on knowing that you lost the best thing that ever happend to you,
I'am a woman of colr, class, and character, with the capcity to do the impossibles, the unatainable the unatractive and that is me getten over you


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