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Karma... who knows?

ok...well heres the story :

my and my gf where going out for a lil under 2 months...2 days before our 2 month aniversary (dec 7th 2008) she decides to break up with me...for no apparent reason other then "she doesnt deserve me"<---she sayd that..then 2 days later she says she wants me back ...and that she wanted me to take her virginity...(btw at this time i had a new gf) so i say ok i have to take care of something first (which was breaking up with my current g.f.) the next day she tells me she has a gf (she is bi btw) and i said thats fine...then i told her about my gf...later that day she told me that she was thinking about staying with her gf...that set me can you go from breaking up to wanting me to take your virginity to not wanting me...ok i was fine with that after awhile.(my gf made me feel better)
but then later that day i noticed my sister on the phone(shes grounded from it) i ask her who it is and its my ex...i take the phone and say to my ex" was this who you where talking about" she didnt answer so i asked my sister she said f***ed up is that....i have since avoided my sister and my ex both...i still have feeling for my ex yes but i am already past her...i already forgive you....i wished we couldof worked it out but hey lifes a bitch karma will come back around at them...or maybe it was my karma who knows >< that and still holding on will be unfair to my new gf

so i am sorry...for everything i did to screw the relationship up...w.e. it was im sorry

thanks for listning,


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