Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
No disrespect

We girls with broken hearts.

Its ok. Let them go, but u know tat u miss them.
What boy does your ex hate?__________________
Start hanging out with tat guy. If tat doesnt work then start dating radom guys, no matter if there hotter or uglyer.

Thats how i got my ex really mad. then came back.


Andrew and I had been dating for 3 months and 3 and a 1/2 weeks. Then HE broke up with me 2 days befor our 4th month annvirisity. Then he starts going out with this girl on staroids. well she acts like shes on. and i say fine. what ever and started moving past it. (BOYS COME AND THEY GO)
Then he broke up with her then asked me out AGAIN. and i said sure yea what ever. then we started going out. and then i cheeted on him for 3 hrs then i broke up with him and he started crying. and i started laughing because it was funny. now u no not to mess with me. then i broke up with both guys. Now u BOYS no not to mess with me when it comes to relationships i dont play around.

You either love me or hate me. no matter what u say. cause i no i am still SEXY no matter what any guy tells me.

and that Andrew guy really knows how to move his toung in a girls mouth. and nows how to keep a girl straight by hitting

and girls

dont let any man

disrespect u
hit u
say ur nothing

and most importantly NEVEER let him say any thing that hurts u the way i have been hurt,,,,


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