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I'm so sorry for what i've done;all the pain i've caused you

I'm so sorry for what i've done;all the pain i've caused you. I'm sorry i've ruined everything we had that made us special and unique. I know we have a strong connection, i just wish i hadn't taken it for granted. Please forgive me...Please don't throw the best parts of our lives, we've been together long enough to overcome this. We stronger than that, we can beat any problem we may face, you know that, i know that...
I can't imagine not waking up without your beautiful face staring back at me, it fills me with happiness for an entire day. You kind heart, your eyes and that smile...a smile that is so indescribeable and always makes my heart melt. And those eyes that just sparkle at me, always telling me that you love me...i've taken it for granted.
Baby, if i have to spend my life trying to make it up to you for what i did, i will because we have something that most people dream about or envy. It's too special to let go and regret in the future. I promise you that i'm gonna spend every day treasuring your love, appreciating you and most importantly trying to earn your forgiveness...
I love you so much...please give us another chance.


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