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I realised too late and I will always regret letting her go so easily

I had been seeing a great girl for six months before she went away to university. It was difficult for me to adjust to having a long term relationship. I fell in love with her, but I was just too scared to commit to something that I didn't think would work. So, I played it cool. Too cool. When we were together, it was the best. When she went away, I got used to her not being there.

However, after a while, friction developed. She didn't feel loved. I did love her. I just needed to figure out how to adjust to the circumstances we faced. So, I suggested a break to see how I really felt. We agreed and we did so.

During the break, I realised that I love her so so much and want to be with her forever. I know I have hurt her so much. I was confused and have now seen the light. She means everything to me.

But, I've heard in the past week that she's now seeing a friend of her's and she can't be with me anymore. This friend has made her feel special and she is comparing that to how unhappy she was with me (even tho she loved me) and realised she is better off. Maybe it is a rebound and is too soon. I really hope so.

I realised too late and I will always regret letting her go so easily. I can't blame her, but all I want is one chance to show her how much I love her.


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