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I'm Sorry for Being an Idiot

Baby, I'm sorry for being such an idiot lately. I just want you to know that, That this will change. I've had time to think about how off I've been with you, and I can't imagine how awful I've made you feel over these past few weeks.

I'm going to make every second of these past few weeks up to you and be the perfect girlfriend that you deserve, you're such an amazing boyfriend and I couldn't bear to lose you. You're my Bestfriend and my soulmate, and you are the world to me. I honestly wouldn't know what to do without you, It'd be horrible.

We're the human version of Tom and Jerry, we can always argue and fall out. But we always make it through every single fight we have. Just remember that no matter how much of an idiot I am to you, I'll always love you more than anything in the world. And as each day goes by, my love for you grows stronger and stronger. I love you more than anything x


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