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Sorry for Every Teardrop

i know that my love for you is as big as the universe itself, and i know as well that you don't share me the same, i wish you could see this, i wish i met you before, i wish i could go back in time, i wish i could do more to show you how much i love you and how much i care, i wish i was a love song that you can hear, i wish i was a love poetry so you can read me, i wish i was a music note so you can play me, i wish i could take you and run away from everybody, faraway from everything, i wish you could trust my feelings,i wish to die and reborn again the way you want me to be, i'm sorry for disapointing you, i never meant to hurt you, it breaks my heart to know that you don't want me anymore, it kills me when you say that you no longer care about me, i'm sorry for what i am and for what i did to you, sorry for every sad moment, for every teardrop, for every harm and pain, sorry for loving you !


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