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This story starts around late September 2011, when I was playing the video game wow(World of Warcraft), for those who have no idea about this game, it’s a simple game where you play a digital Character along with millions of other people online, you push some buttons and stuff happens, simple as that.

For me wow is like a huge chat room and i meet new people every day, most just come along and you play for a few hours but there are those that stayed my friends for quite a while. It is in wow where i "met" my love for the very first time, and back then i had no idea that I was about to jump on a crazy roller coaster ride.

I joined her guild (basically a group of people that play together) and all of us had great fun during the nights we were gaming together, we used headsets etc. to talk to each other and everyone enjoyed themselves so a lot during the first 2-3 weeks. Around this time I found out she lived in Finland 2000km away from me(I live in Holland) and she had a boyfriend that was also gaming with us and that came as a slight shock since I started to like her.

Even though I knew she had a boyfriend I still managed to get closer to her as a friend and during the last week of October, she took a break from her boyfriend, and we ended up playing and talking a lot around 6-12 hours a day, I have to say we had an amazing spark and a lot of chemistry right from the start. During that week and the weeks before that I managed to lie once or twice but once you start it becomes a very slippery slope, so I discovered at some point I had trouble to keep up with all I told and the guilt start to haunt me day and night, I slept bad and I felt terrible though it was all my own fault.

Then after that amazing week came the shock, she felt guilty towards her boyfriend and decided it was not fair to talk to me anymore and she decided that it was best to keep distance. I was heartbroken the feeling of loss I felt after just that one week was so big that I cried, and back then I thought she didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. I went into the defensive trying to protect my feelings and it got to a bit of discussion which ended in her saying that we should not talk anymore, I remember walking downstairs mad and confused and I did not want to speak to her ever again.

When I came back to my computer there was just one message “How did we let this happen ?” She stated she wanted to be friends and with a broken heart I agreed. We still chatted on skype but nowhere near the amount we did before. It took months to really become friends again an that little flame inside me started to burn again along came the guilt, I had to tell her and I did, I have never been so nervous in my life. Her answer was shocking to me “I already knew” yet she still managed to like me. I lied about who I was, what I did for a living and my age, but she didn’t mind she liked me for my personality and I felt the same about her and even though she still had a boyfriend I felt the need to stay around.

Then she became very sick, she was in and out the hospital for months and we had very little contact, when she was back end of December it was a huge relief to talk to her again and then my personal situation became troubled, I had to move for 3 weeks and we kept in touch by texting.

To be honest I never was someone that liked it and still I don’t quite get the hang of it but we did manage to send more then 150 texts in one week, don’t ask me how. When I read back our texts and messages its obvious to see that we were still in love and interested in each other but short after my home coming she had to go to the hospital again, and it was only months later that we spoke again beside some phone calls when she was in the hospital.

I can’t describe how happy I was when she came back but she had changed, what used to make her laugh now made her annoyed and it seemed like I couldn’t do anything right. At some point I started to feel even offended because in-game she managed to blame everything on me and I didn’t really like that, and it came to a point where I was basically done with her I didn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. One night it came to the point I was done with the game and when I was about to leave only one of my friends actually managed to calm me down, I can say that at that point we were so annoyed with each other we could probably kill each other. I started to think about it and it took me awhile to see why she was so upset and annoyed, maybe because she actually liked me but there was no way for us to be together at that point. So I asked her, and hours later I got a reply she was sorry for acting like that and we talked about it, and now it became pretty clear that she felt the same about me as I felt for her.

Around January we started to talk and game again a lot more but now as friends, we became closer and when she and as her other relationship started to crumble we became closer. Around February the boyfriend started to work nights and we got to talk a lot more and I started to flirt around a little bit to the point where she asked me “are you hitting on me” my answer was pretty simple “Yes” I have to say that we were pretty drunk that weekend but we managed to talk about it and I admitted I really liked her a lot and she liked me as well. That same night I discovered that she also hided something from me but when I discovered it didn’t even matter anymore so strong are my feelings towards her, the next day she broke up with her ex-boyfriend and the day after that we were together 4th of march.

It has been exactly 2 months now and I have to say that I never felt happier in my life, with her every second feels like a bless and she is the most interesting person I ever met. I have been in love before but this is so much more, it feels comfortable and true like we have known each other for years and while I started out with the thought “owh we are so different” everyday it seems we are actually a lot alike. I wake up with a smile on my face every morning and I go to bed with the same smile during the day I can’t stop daydreaming about her, and in my mind I picture us doing all those little things together, walking the dog making dinner or watching a nice movie, It feels great. Soon I get to meet her for the first time, I have to admit I’m a little bit nervous but I also feel confident since I never felt so in love and loved before and I hope that that feeling stays the same for the both of us and we can happily enjoy each other for as long as it may last. And though last year might have been complicated and totally insane on an emotional level for me it has been totally worth it and i would do it all over again.


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