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I am over 30, married and have experienced many lovely things with women.
One of my strongest positive memories is from a time when I was 11 and badly in love with a girl named T. One day our class was playing a game of "kiss tag" (where the one who catches someone must kiss him/her) and T. chased after me. I was fast so she never caught me.

It was about an hour later, when I was already at home, when the big realization hit me: "SHE LOVES ME" Otherwise she wouldn't have tried to catch me.

The rest of the day I was in heaven, Lovely place to be. That was one of the strongest positive feelings I have ever experienced.

The next day I found out it was all a misunderstanding. she didn't like me and I was crushed. Cant really remember much of that day.

The good feelings from the previous day is all I remember and those I remember well. I get the same feelings even now when I think about it.

Yeah. I know it is ridiculous, because nothing actually happened. The good feelings still were there.

It is surprising how little we need. And how lucky we are if we can get it. Even if it is the smallest of things.


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