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True Fairy Tale

Ok well this is a true fairy tale. It started out my freshman year in high school the day we get out for spring break and as a tradition the seniors bomb the freshmans with eggs, well my best girlfriend and i are holding hands so we won't leave the other one behind well as were walking out the front gate someone holds my other hand and pulls my friend and i away and as he did that an egg landed right were my friend n i were at.

as i turned to see who was the person who pulled me away i see a tall buff white guy standing next to me. Well it turned out that my friend n him knew each other and the 3 of us started walking towards the pizza place a couple of blocks away. As were walking i think this guy is really cute.

well after that we never saw each other again until the next year as sophomores we had the first 2 clases together n started hanging out together and we found out we have alot of things in common like we were from the same place in Mexico. so i decided to ask my mom if she knew his family n it turned out that our families hated each other for decades and my mother and his mother told us we could only be friends si i decided to respect my mothers decision and we were only friends but we got really close to each other and we both started to fall in love with each other but we had to respect our families..

we never knew why they hated each other but we later found out and thought it was stupid so we started to fall in love even more and and one night when were texting and by this time were seniors already he decided to ask me out n i said yes so we got together at night. in the morning his mother asked him if we were a couple and he said yes. that day during lunch it was 3 minutes before the bell rang to go to 5th period and we had the same class together except i was the T.A so we're holding hands and he says he wants to do something but his nervous n i told to go ahead and do it and looks at me say "would u like to be my girlfriend?"

And of course i said yes so he grabs my waist with one hand and his other hand he grabs my neck and pulls me really close to him. And let me remind you his 5"9" and im 4"9" he's way taller than me and his really buff so he looks kinda big but his not n im really tiny compare to him so as he kiss me the bell rings and we stopped kissing and by this time everyone in our 5 per class are seniors like us and they have been telling us we were gana end up together and we both kept dening. so when they saw us kissing they started screaming and cheering and the guys were whistling and scream his name and it looked like we had just gotten married by the way they were cheering. so he carried me and kiss me once more.. this was really romantic moment.

We been together since the second semester as seniors and now he's a marine and about to leave to where his gana be station. Our families have accepted us and we are really happy together... this is a true fairy tale..


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