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Church Love Leads to Marriage

We've known each other since we were kids. From there i know within myself i have an over flowing admiration to this guy, can't even hide it within me. Till we get teenagers still i can't get over it whenever i see him every Saturday and Sunday, 'coz we belong in a music ministry in our church. Till one Sunday service, he was with a girl and introduced her as his girlfriend. That moment is like my world fell apart. Since the i promised myself to get rid of him for he was taken. Years have gone, i went college and he went to USA since then i had no updates from him.

After 9 years, surprisingly we met again in one of the bars in Angeles, City where i am celebrating my birthday with my friends. He approached and said my name in a question mark voice, as i smiled back to him and said yes. from there he asked my number. and he start texting me asking me to go out, but i never said yes. Till he go back to USA, and my lost not to go out with him. Still courting me tru texts, calls and we even chat n do video calls via skype. Where finally i said yes to him. And he decided go back Philippines to spend some time as a couple and now we are on our 7 months and 8 days as lovers and planning for our wedding.

Take note he confided that he likes me too since our childhood, he don't know that i do at first and eventually i told him. And blessed are we that we have our parents blessings and support to this.



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