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But probably we will have to wait for a rebirth to really unite

I did not believe in love... never. I have had secret crushes in school and they just satyed as crushes... One of them did go a little bit further but then I was cheated... Well, then I got married ... it was arranged...have two kids. I have been married 9 years now. Five years ago, this guy came into my life, we worked together in a project then. He was just my good friend who I trusted with work secrets and got good career tips from. Two years ago that changed, my feelings for him that is and now I feel this overpowering love for him. I think of him all the time. Even when I make love with my husband, I visualize him. He has made a few attempts (verbally) at proposing one night stands to me. I have turned him down. I am deeply ethical and do not want to hurt my husband/family. My heart is sold to this lover boy though. I am physically at home but mentally, always with this guy. I think we are made for each other... but probably will have to wait for a rebirth to really unite. He is married and has kids too.


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