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He Sought me for Three Years

2 people, 2 countries, 3 years , a pack of Spacedust, one love and rock'n'roll

I went to a concert with a couple of friends about 4 years ago. We had a great time and after the concert the bass player, who we knew from another concert, asked us if we want to join him and a few other friends for a beer so we went to a bar close to the venue. after a bit his best friend joined us and I happened to sit between that bass player and his friend. i got along very good with that guy we were fooling around and having fun and out of a game, involving space dust, we kissed. And this kiss some how felt very special very electric. But I had to go all of a sudden because my friends want to leave very urgently. Nowadays we know that we coincidently even stayed in the same hotel further more on the same floor. But we missed each other at breakfast.

Three years after that I got a message on Facebook from this guy. asking if I confirmed that we met in that bar that night. He was looking for me for 3 years trying to find me, but he only had my nickname, but he finally found me. So we started talking about very casual stuff really, like music, which is very important to booth of us, and films and what we're doing etc.

So the blond German studying girl got friends with the British musician. Our friendship grew intense very quickly and after 2 months he was coming over again working with another band on tour so we met up at a concert, and after that for a few more ,), and from the first moment there was a special connection and everything felt natural and right. so at the second weekend of that tour we got together and still are for one year now, despite the distance or age difference. He gets and makes me complete and I never wanna be without him. And we're now planning my movement to Britain after graduation to finally start living together.

So my true love found me, when I was expecting it the least.


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