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Long distance relationship flops

The summer of 03 was the best summer of my life. I met the perfect guy. We spent the whole week together at the beach. Even though he lives in Tennessee and I live in Virginia we promised each other we would always keep in touch. And we did for a while. Before we went back to school we were online talking to each other every night. And then his AOL went down and so did mine. So we started to write letters to each other. We couldn't call because it was so expensive. I didnt get my first letter from him until January 03. It was him apologizing to me about not writing to me sooner. He had a lot going on. I understood. We kept writing and writing. We were both hoping that we would see each other this past summer but it didnt work. He couldnt afford to go to the beach. Thats where we met. So I sent him a postcard from the beach and then about a week after I got back he called me. We talked and talked. So far this long distance relationship was working out. On October 16th I didnt get a birthday present. In fact I had to call him to talk to him. He told me that my present was on the way. It never came. So we kept writing to each other promising each other that no matter what happened we will always love each other. Until the day came. It was Febuary 12th. I was talking online to some of my friends waiting for my mom to come home because I was going to see some of my guy friends play basketball at the local college. My mom comes through the door and yelled down to me that if I didnt come to open the gift she was going to do it for me. So I quickly sped upstairs to see what he got me. I was so excited because it was something that I have been wanting since we started dating. I then opened the letter and began reading it. After a while I felt tears start to develop in my eyes. I threw the letter down and ran to my room and started to tear down everything that was on my walls about him. It was a letter saying that he couldnt do the long distance thing anymore that he was very sorry. I was really hurt because the whole time he said nothing could come between us and he would never break up with me. I guess it was too good to be true. I really miss him though and I dont think that I can ever find anybody as sweet as him.


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