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The love of my life is someone I would have never expected. I met him in 7th grade. I know that's at an early age but anything can happen. I didn't love him right away, in fact, I wasn't even attracted to him whatsoever. I began to hate him. He was a perverted, self-centered smart azz (excuse my language but that's how bad it was).

At the end of 7th grade he had been hanging out with me and my friends every day. He didn't get any less perverted he got worse. He actually hit me in the butt with multiple things (a yearbook, a ping pong paddle etc.) That summer I absolutely hated him with all of my being.

I don't know what changed but when school started again he was more mature. He wasn't perverted at all, he didn't act like a smart azz and he just seemed nicer. I guess that's when I got a crush on him.

A month later, I was in love with him and I was hoping and hoping he liked me back. Everyone told me he did and that's why he changed. I, of course, was an idiot and didn't believe my friends.

Then in December, he asked me out. We've been dating ever since. Through the rest of 8th grade and high school. Even through college when we were so far away. He proposed to me at my graduation party. We are married and as happy as ever. :D


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