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I fell in love in 2010 with my first love. I met him online and as many may say online relationships are risky but for me it was the perfect way. We were best friends the moment we met and soon after we were in love. Despite he was over 5000 miles away from me and in another country it seemed we were so close to each other. I never thought we would have gotten so serious because of the age difference of 12 years. I lied to him when i first met him about my age because of the fact i thought he wouldnt like me

and then in 2012 (this year) i told him the truth and he was hurt but i was lucky that he loved me so much he forgave me. His religion is different from mine and my parents seemed to have issues about this but i never cared because he is my first love and no one can separate us. I believe our love was permitted by the gods. I dont think i can ever find someone so perfect again for me.

Our relationship of 3 years is strong and hopefully this year we are planning to get married. He is still away from me for now but our love is true and this is how i know we will last forever and ever. I am very young but i trust him with all my heart and i believe in him. There is not another guy in this world i can love the way i love him. He is my best friend.

Many may not read this or who reads it might find it not appealing but i just want all the readers to know it is a true story of a young girl out there somewhere in this world and i love u guys.

Also my advice to anyone who needs it ..dont give up your love for your family or anyone else also trust your heart it will never lead you wrong for true love never dies.

And to youngsters like myself out there i was once a player and toyed with people's emotions my advice to you from personal experience is dont lose the diamond while picking up stones and dont toy with anyone's emotions because one day you will fall in love and your children will also so dont let your ignorance be curses on your children. i love u all pray for me and my husband to be. believe in your love ,,wish me luck and good luck to u too.


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