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He would share secrets with me that he wouldn't tell anybody else

I once met this guy, we became classmates, at 1st I never really liked him, but as I learned that he's not all that bad, I started to like him, but I never told anyone, not even my friends for fear that they might reject him for he is different from us, in many ways than one, but I was so wrong! There came a point in time that we became really close friends, as in really close, he would share secrets with me that he wouldn't tell anybody else, it felt really nice, we were okey that way until a girl friend of mine started liking him & I think the feeling is mutual, being the nice girl that I am, I acted as the bridge, oh well, everything went well, but I guess they weren't meant for each other, nothing really happened, that made me breathe easier. After that I decided to move on, I had a huge crush with another guy, but I guess the 1st guy didn't acted well upon that, I could sense it & most often than not he would act all weird, as if wanting me to know that he likes me, which in any case I'm not sure if true,but unfortunately I didn't care back. Well, not completely, after a month, I realized that he was the one that I really like & I plan to tell him as soon as we get together after the vacation, but to my despair, after the x-mas vacation, he never spoke to me again, it's as if our friendship just faded away, until the time we graduated he never uttered a word to me & so did I for fear of rejection. I never got the chance to tell him how I really feel, he might know it from my friends, but it never really came from me! What makes me sadder is the option that he might be mad 'cause I like him, I don't know, it doesn't make any sense, but knowing him, everything makes sense to him! I just mis him so much, I know we wont see each other anymore, we'll be going to different universities & maybe after that, he'll go back to his homeland, far away from here. . . .


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