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never frown b/c you never know who's falling in love with your smile

"never frown b/c you never know who's fallin in love with your smile"

one night i went to a basket-ball game at my old high school and i wanted to go see one of my sisters friends play... i got there and i sat down and about 20 mins. later a guy that i haven't seen since high school came up to me and started talkin to me he used to be one of the most popular guys in school and never even would look at me back then....i always used to like him and i never talked to him about it.... that night at the ball game while we were talkin he asked me out on a date i agreed and 2 days later later we went for that date he was alot better then i expected ... i figured that he waz ya know how all the preps are at every school stuck up and you figure that they couldn't have a good personality... but there waz some thing about this guy that i couldn't get over... just some thing about the way he talked to me or the way he looked at me i don't know but i said i would like it if we went on another date and he agreed soo we went out on our 2nd date and we enjoyed our self... 3 years later here i am married to my high school crush and have a beautiful little baby girl... i never though it would happen like this but.....never frown b/c you never know who's falling in love with your smile


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