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I fell in love so long ago

I met her in October 1984 at my first job following college graduation. She was a 22 year old Texan, beautiful and engaged. I was 23 and from NJ. We were best friends in an instant and for 5 months we'd play hookey from our outside sales jobs and rendevous every morning all around the city where we worked. We had intimate talks, held hands and I fell in love. It was different than anything I had ever felt, I had met my soulmate. Until her wedding day in February I wrote her love letters and pleaded with her daily not to go forward with the wedding. But I couldn't stop it. Two days before her wedding I asked her for the one and only kiss she would ever give me. Tears streamed down my face and I trembled as I felt her perfect lips touch mine. In two days she would be married and would be moving 300 miles away. We were near our end. She begged me to attend her wedding and I did. That night I spent the saddest night of my life as I cried myself to sleep. The love of my life was gone.

Over the next 25 years I would come across the one and only picture I owned of her. It was in the box with all my keepsakes. When I would get to her picture a sad feeling would always come over me. I would say out loud to the picture, "I love you" and I would the hold the picture to my heart. I would love her forever.

In 2009, it struck me to search for her on Facebook. I found her. I asked, "Did you work at _________?" She responded, "OMG yes it's me!" Two months later we met for the first time in 25 years. We sat together in the corner booth of a quiet bar, drinking wine. She brought with her everything I had ever written to her and she even had the pen that would develop invisible ink messages I would write to her. As she snuggled up close to me, her legs over mine she read all of them to me. I got my second kiss that day and many many more. She is the most wonderful and amazing girl I've ever known and I am my very best me when I'm with her. She say's our love is "Ridiculous." It is and I want the world to know all about it.


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