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I love my Johnny

I was sitting in art class when my teacher said me to sit in seat eight and my crush in seat nine I had a slight smile on my face ....two weeks later...I was sitting there when he asked me out I said yes fast that week I spent the night at his house my exuae was his sister she was my freand I got telly bord me and him started to hang out we whent on the top of the roof then we gust started talking then we stud up and jumped we landend on the trampolean the rado lied on with work out by j.Cole we loved that song we danced then he put his hands around my waist and then I put my hands around his neck and we started slowly kissing then his sister came out we don't thank she saw us I thank she wold hate me if she know .....the next week......I was in my room I heard knocking on my window I walked over to it and opened the blinds I saw him out the window he smiled I was leasing to 98.5 our song came on workout he jumped up into the inside of my house we dance and slowly kiss again I was so happy we went outside to the end of the block weakest in the corner we got no 1 was there but my ex boyfriend was he yelld my boyfriend got mad and punched in the face ......... it was very quiet for a few minutes van I smiled and said thank you the whole rest of the year during art we held hands tables I think his sister found out but she said she doesn't care know if some one hits on me he gets mad very mad I love my Johnny mellow I some day hope I will be Skylar mellow :-*


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