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Romantic and sad

My story is as sad as it is romantic. My idiotic-self about a year ago shut down the one I hold closest to my heart and have never been given the chance to get physically intimate with her since. Despite that, she is like heroin to me. Her mere presence and existence makes me clench-up inside. Because of our social lives, we are almost forbidden to be seen together and our friends draw us away from each other. But when we have time alone, you never want it to end. Like a musician, I find myself lost in conversation, laughing and just staring into each other's eyes in silence. We never get intimate because of how it would look, she doesn't want the social drama that accompanies us being together. God gave me that opportunity with her on October 28th 2010, and I find myself going back to that night and binding myself to her and never letting go, what I would do to go back there. I feel my life will be incomplete without her and I know she feels the same. We think about each other, cry to each other, and I'll be damned if I'm not lost in her deep-blue eyes by the end of this life.


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