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Last year was an nightmare my ex married the girl he cheated on me with after five months (guess he found love on the battle field) did I mention he's a war hero and the girl he left me for served with him. So I guess this was gone on for a while. But long story short he invited me to their wedding saying(this is a new beginning for me and I just want o make sure things are good between us so come to my wedding it will let me know that your OK with this). Knowing. me I was not, so I went to the bridal. shop and got the most tight fitting red. dress I could find (last minute). And went. to their wedding it was
beautiful. everything was I felt bad not because I.
was dressed like I was going to a club it was the. fact I wasn't accomplishing anything by dressin
like this he was happy in all I can do was be
happy for him so I left the wedding early.
figured I go home and watch 1 of those. Romantic
comedies where it ends the other way. But on my
way home I happened to hit some idiot that get. Darted out into the street after dog . I got out of my car to see if I hit him or the dog (hoping it's. The dog) but just my luck it's the idiot (the dog
was fine) I help him up and ask if he was OK he
looked pretty bad so I took him to the hospital for three day I kept his dog and visited him at the hospital we
talked about everything until he was release from care
when he was better he came and got coupon (dogs
name). I didn't see him for a few months after that but I
hey I forgot about him and apparently he has got me neither. 3 years later married to twin boys


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