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High school is a place where so called love starts. But for me it was impossible, I was a shy one. I kept myself closed in, everything I thought went in a small notebook. One day I got transferred into a class where everyone was fun and nice. They took me out of my shell. All of us constantly left class, played around, and just had fun. Those were the days when I first spotted this boy from another class. Chestnut hair, blue eyes and when he spotted me, the brightest smile that I'd ever seen. I was stunned, "love struck" you can call it. From that day on I always looked out for him from afar. Later I saw his profile on the interweb and decided to add him, not long after that did we start talking. The more I talked to him the more I wanted to know about him. Funny, nice, and lovable is the only way to describe him but the worst part is it doesn't. He's indescribable, and I guess that's what I love the most. The first time we met in person, his eyes seemed so bright and he wore a smile I still can't even explain. One day, I was playing around with the copy and paste on the interweb and actually sent a note declaring my love for him.. To bad a few days later I heard from a friend he already had a girlfriend. Sad ashamed I don't know what to call it but my only defense was to hide every time I saw him.
Now one year later, I am still hopelessly in love with him and out of luck I have just one class with him but to I am scared to talk to him maybe because of embarrassment or maybe some other reason I'm not aware of. But the best part is the story continues. :)


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