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I was walking to the bench that i usually go to during lunch period and while i was going someone at my school came up and gave me a card, i opened it and this was what was written in it:
Let's play a game beautiful(:
You wanna know who i am? Find me. :D
Don't leave me waiting sweets
"Can you smell the fries yumm! I saved some for you >U<"
Well that gave me a hint to go to the cafeteria and i found arrows on the floor, and i followed it and it led me to a table of fries and some other food and there was another card. I sat down and read what was in the card it said:
Enjoy the food i don't want you to be hungry (:
"It sooooo quiet here i can fall asleep :p"
And it was so obviously the library, i went in and went to the quietest table and there was someone sleeping and there was my next card ^u^ :
Hahaha my friend always falls asleep in here XD
Did you enjoy my lunch for you? <3
"wow this place have so much space and the breezes feel nice (:"
In the end i went to the field and the first thing that caught my eyes was the middle where it was really crowded people were circling around someone or something was going on so i was walking there and i had no idea how i ended up in the middle and there i see my guy friend. He was holding a handful of cute balloons and a pink pretty rose in his mouth and in the other hand he was holding my last card, I opened it and is said:
I have noticed you for along time now and i can't stop noticing you (:
Would you be so kind to go to home coming dance with me, for our beginning of a new relationship?Would you go out with me? ^_____^
I said yes and i am glad i said yes because he is very caring
and loving. These five years we have been going through harsh time and good times with each other and now we are going to get married >U< I'm so glad I said yes!


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