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greatest adventure of my grey, drab life

I knew you were different, the moment you sat down next to me that Friday afternoon, way way back in gr.10. I was rather annoyed that a boy would come disturb my save private bubble but you didnt seem to care. Just started chatting at the speed of light........

You turned out to be the greatest adventure of my grey, drab life. You listened, you cared but most of all, you saw me for me.

Many years later we weathered the storms, lost each other along the way but always seem to find ourselves facing one another again.

We are ad-rived again searching for self and I wonder will we find our way back ones more?

Cause, you see my love for you are not limited to my heart but I seem to find you within my body, mind and soul and the hope I carry in my heart for you will see me through this never ending darkness.

So I let you go with the Hope in seeing you again and believing we will be again.

For there is a never ending HOPE.............


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