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Living in different nations

i wss meet 1 girl in yahoo mesenger,she ask me why indians very liar then our fight start im an india so i say u r liar u r country liar u r too bad girl indian are very nice persons in all over world, we fight everyday she call me bad boy and i call her bad girl,we chat everyday 10 to 12 hours its too amazing no one can belive we chat 12 hours everyday now in only 1 years both eyes gone weak,she ask me for open cam and i ever say my cam is broken,she very excited to see me,one day i think if i die without show my face to her then my bad girl never know all life she talk everyday to whom then i buy a cam fro her,before she think im 45 years old and i think she is 55 years old, 1 day she ask me i have to come delhi december 2010 can u come or meet me, i answer i have no money for come, she said i have some money we can roam together,i coem delhi to say i will nto come delhi frpo meet u but i book a hotel and car for u and my friends will coem to pick up u airport,next day when i go for pickup and i see her she was looking very very beautiful and i was shocked to see her,then next time we meet delhi again 28 march2011 we meet and go tajmahl,she wish to see tajmahal,she is foriner and we love eachother we chat everyday mobile calleveryday but final decision of us we will not marrige eachother bcaz she cant live in india long years and i also cannot live forien country to left india, i have promise to her i will show u all over india each and everyplaces of india, this is my big dream


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