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It's not goodbye, just see you later

The love of my life had to move. His mom and step dad were getting a divorce, so he had to move to Texas. I've never been so in love with ANYONE in my life, and I've been with quite a few guys. I had to fight to get this guy, and I fought d*mn hard to get him. I finally got him and we were together for 7 months. I got the news that he had to move, and we just cried together on the phone for almost an hour. We tried to make every moment count. We broke up after a few weeks and stopped talking. We started talking again, maybe 3 months later, and instantly got back together. But I f*cked it all up... and 3 months later, we broke up. Now he's with a new girl and I'd do ANYTHING to get him back. This guy is amazing. He's adorable, funny, I can open up to him, I trust him with my life. It's hard for people to get me to trust them and want them in my life. Edward Anthony Daniel Gonzalez, you're my best friend. I love you and I miss you. If you ever read this, know that no matter what happens, I just want you to be happy. Be safe and remember: "It's not goodbye, just see you later". <3


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