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Wishing we weren't apart

Andy is the love of my life and i will always love him, but the catch is that i have not been with him for about 3 years. we were together when he was 15 and i was 16 and then broke up when he was 16 and i just turned 17. I'm 19 now. this kid made me feel whole when i felt half. i swear on my father that i would do anything for him. when i went to sleep at night, i could not wait to wake up in the morning just to see him. he was my best friend, my boy, my homie, and a lover. he would always ask me if a celebrity wanted to be with me who would i choose, well money can't by my love. i would tell him that the only person that was made for me was him. He could never be replaced with some one else. when he was near me it was not easy for me to control my heart rate. i needed him like i need air to breath. when we broke up i swear it was like some one was choking me and i had no air. it felt like that for the longest time. i wish god could turn back the hands of time for me. i didn't know it was possible to love some one so much that your life line goes flat without them.

i count the days when i can say my love finally came back.
while you were gone i cried and longed many tear drops hitting my lap.
restless nights i wonder why you ever left me alone.
i beg god please, a prayer from me to hear you over the phone.
i wish and pray every day to pick up where we left off.
i remember our kiss, the very first kiss your lips were oh so soft.
love you with passion, letting it happen magic filling the air,
when you looked at me deep in my eyes the rush i couldn't bare.
if i could get you back in my life, i'd never let you go.
you wanted my heart and i love you with it but i loved you from my soul.


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