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An uncertain future

when i was in high school i didnt have much friends much less a bf but around my junior year i decided to open up more to actually make friends well it turns out that i made a friend and that friend wanted to introduce me to another friend who was a guy. i liked him and we were friends for about four months until he asked me out at first i said no then i looked at him and noticed he was sad so i didnt want to see him that way so i said yes immediately after and we smiled. he told me he would see me during the exams when they would call my name but that he never found the courage to say anything to me. then he showed me a picture of him when he was a sophmore and i remebered looking at the picture and telling him that i had seen him before in a class too and that he sure changed a lot (he had spiky hair and a dog collar on which is why i noticed). we were both in the same english class when this happened and my friend that introduced us was there too. before we even met i remember imploring the counselor if taking that class was really necessary and my bf remembers telling the teacher if he could be moved to a different class too but that eventually we had to stay there. but im glad i took the class.1 year had passed and we were seniors he asked me to marry him but i told him that i wasnt ready. now its been six years since i met him in that class and next year im graduating from college and im going out of town. Im ready and i dont know if he wants to come with me or not we dont talk much about it. im afraid to talk about it. i had asked him once and he said he wanted to come but i have often thought that he loves being in this town. I just want to see him smile and if at the last minute he says no i should be able to understand but i probably wont. at least for now im still with him and i love it.


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