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A crush became real

So far I've known him for 4 years. At first he was just the cute boy down the block, and soon he was my brothers best friend. Then after a year we would hang out all the time and even built a clubhouse. Last year we began to hang out in there all summer long. This year it was pretty obvious that he was my best friend now and I had kept a serious crush a secret for those 4 years. Then one day when we were hanging out alone he asked me out, it was like a dream come true. We've been going out for 3 months now and I'm the happiest I've ever been, and I hope that this will last. He absolutely adores me and I can't get enough of him. We always spend as much time together and since he lives down the street we spend every day together. We both believe that since we've already liked each other for 4 years that it will last until we are older. This is the first time that I've ever felt that I really Loved someone, he says he feels the same way and I just hope we are together forever. I love you Baby <3 ~S.


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