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I can see myself with him in the future

In my eight grade year, I met this guy I'll call him J for the story. Well I hadnt noticed J until a while into the school year. But we got assigned seats on our bus route and from that day on, we started talking. We always sat in that seat. People would change seats because the driver was very lax, but nobody sat in our seat. He confessed that he loved me, and I confessed that I felt the same. We always held hands and cuddled on the bus, but we were too nervous to think of something as crazy as a kiss. But he gave me several gifts that year and I cherished them. I always wore the jewelry he bought me. It was really sweet and it was an adorable romance. Very innocent. Then, when I went to high school we lost contact. I didn't get the calls I was so used to. We didn't watch the sunset together like we did while talking to each other on the phone. I forced myself to get over my first love. I thought I did at least. So the years went by, I moved out of state, and then I graduated. I moved back home to go to college, and I was loving being home again. After all of the years I had spent trying not to think of J, and trying not to wonder where he was or how he was doing, and after all of the times I had tried to find him, I went through my eigth grade yearbook and saw him. I ran to my computer, crossed my fingers and searched for him again. I found him. After four and a half years of trying to forget my first love I found him. I quickly sent him a message and yet again crossed my fingers. I honestly didnt expect a reply. I wouldn't have been surprised if he had totally forgotten about me. But five days later he messaged me back. I found out where he worked and surprised him one day. I nearly got him fired that day but I don't regret it looking back. When i first saw him i felt every emotion i had held back for all of those years. I knew the moment he hugges me that I was quickly falling in love with him. He kissed me that day, and I told him that I had been waiting for that kiss for years. Within a week of that first meeting, we were together again. A month after we started dating he told me that he loved me. That doesn't seem all that special until I tell you that I had been biting my tongue trying not to say it all day and then he says it and tells me that he had wanted to say it all day but it hadn't been the right time. Things got stressful two months after that. He broke things off for the benefit of the both of us. But oddly things hardly changed. We still talked, and we still texted. Sure it wasn't nearly as much as it had been before, but we kept in contact. After things calmed down something clicked in his mind and we were together again. I hardly count our time broken up because of the situation. We almost acted like we were together. But since we've gotten back together things have been magical. It feels like fate that I found him and that he loves me like I love him. Every day I think about him. And even though life is crazy and I don't get to see him often, I still love him from the depths of my heart. He is the first guy who I can see myself with in the future. He's the only guy I want to be with. I love him and it feels like magic.


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