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the Hottest love has the coldest ends...

When i was 13, i fell in love with a very very handsome guy.
He was a swimmer. I never thought he would even look at me but i remember that night.... i was at the mall with my friends . I was sitting in the hall and he passed by and i fell in love . My friends went to the movies and i stayed out in excuse that im waiting for a friend which i was. But he never showed up and deep down inside i was happy because i was enjoying staring at the hot guy . The hot guy was eating , and i watched him and he was staring . He then passed by me and then i gave up . I knew he was never gona be mine. He then came before he left with a paper in his hand . He patted me on my shoulder and with curious eyes he asked :" Are you waiting for someone ?"
I couldnt believe it . He was talking with me ! . I was so overwhelmed i replied rudely. He then left and i thought to myself D*mn what did i do ? . ... And i knew it was my only chance to fix it up so i followed him......
and when i gave up cse i knew he knew i was following him , i headed back . And while i was heading back to the mall he slowly comes in my way staring at me with loving eyes and tells me ..... may i speak with you ? .
And then i was sooo happy and couldnt believe my luck .
He was the sexiest male guy iv ever seen in my life . He looked so much like Sean Faris to be exact ,) .
Anyhow... we dated for 5 months. Then he had to leave the country and we barely spoked... and now ? i dont even know if he remembers me.......
what an *ss.

it took me 2 years to get over him...and then when i did.
I met a great guy . an amazing guy . He was into fashion business and really hot with a porche and all you know?
He had an amazing singing voice and he confessed his feelings towards me . The only problem was that he was....yes , engaged.
He didnt like the girl but , he had to be with her for whatever reason . I never saw him in person but we talked for hours daily on the phone . Web cam and all ... it was amazing ,every bit of it.... he told me if he met me before things might have been different.....
it was such an amazing and heartbreaking experience but not as heartbreaking as the coming one.....

I met the perfect guy . and i mean it ...the PERFECT guy .
Blond hair , blue eyes, sexy tan , hot and well fit body , amazing smile, into music , extremely romantic . HILARIOUS! , deep , amazing , rich, Porsche, but most importantly he was madly in love with me....... and so was i ......
few time later.... he passed away with a fatal disease of pancreas . That killed me....
crushed me .

And i promised id move on ....and i did a while later just because of him . and i met this amazing guy with the same features ..and i loved him alot.... one thing led to another the guy died too :( .....

My love life has the worst endings.
But each story is amazing .
And i was sooo happy i had to live every one of it .

Well i guess i have to live by this rule....
the Hottest love has the coldest ends...
.Too bad mine was freezing...



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