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5th grade

Ok I remember back in fifth grade I was the new kid. I hated it.But one thing that kept me going was this kid I like. We haven't really talked to each other until 6th grade.In sixth grade there was this kid who I hated from the start, sat next to the class, there was another troublemaker. So my teacher decided to put them together so she can only look at one place so the very next day I was shocked because the guy I liked since 5th grade,was there, rite next to me. It wasn't long till I knew I was in love with him. I knew my friends wouldn't accept cuz they see him as the 'popular one'. & I said yea but this one is nice and awesome . Then soon after we changed seats and i was devastated. But funny thing is at the end of the year I sat rite next to him again. At first we despise eachother but then it turned to something more. Almost,'best friends' but not quite. Then my other friend liked him too but i didnt tell her i had a major crush on him .I was scared becuz it was almost grad day. And there is a chance he might lik other girls in middle I got him alone and I struggled to say I love you. So instead he said it and thout I meant as friends. I was crying b4 grad and mi mom said why r u crying? I simply told her," tears of joy"


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