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Michael has always been my ultimate crush when i was in high school. I started to like him when i was a sophomore. The feeling continued and grew stronger each passing years until we reached our senior year, he courted me and i accepted him. We study in part ways, we actually had a long distance relationship at that time. Each day i missed him and he said he feel the same way too. Days, months have passed we tend to be so busy with our studies that we rarely had communication with each other. He texted me so rarely and when he asked me to go out i refused because i am also busy in my studies and i was pressured by the people who supported me to study hard and never yet to engage in love relationship. So, i decided to focus on my study first and told him to just for the right time for us to meet again. After that, he still did send me love messages and i replied too. Months passed and just this year, i discovered that he's in a relationship already with another girl and i feel so down and sad about it for he didn't even let me know. Tears fall down in my eyes every night couldn't believe he's now gone.. One time he chatted me on facebook and asked me how was i. I said im ok (even though i was not), he confessed that he still love me , my crazy heart jumped for joy for a second for what i've heard but then returned to it's solitary mode after remembering he's status... He said he still love me even though he has a girlfriend already im really confused about either to believe him or not, he said he would wait for me at the right time.. I STILL LOVE HIM.:(


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