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A resort vacation changed my life

Spring break was always the same every year: go single, bring all your girlfriends, look hot, and flirt with all the attractive beach boys. This year was different, its my senior year in high school and the last 4 years I brought a friend with me, but this year everyone was already going somewhere and I had no one to bring with me. Usually spring break is 1 week but I went for 2 with my parents, we usually go to the beach but we were stuck going to this resort in Orlando..once again so different from our usual plans. I wasn't too excited about going because we go to the same place every year and I know everyone else who goes there. As we get to this resort I see no one my age. They are all old or little kids, as an 18 year old wanting to have fun on her senior year spring break you can imagine how mad/upset I was. Our rooms weren't going to be ready until that afternoon so my parents and I decided to lay out by the pool and get some sun. As we were there for about an hour or so this guy was sitting in front of us, middle aged about 45 started talking to my parents and how long they have been coming there, you know the typical small talk, then he looks at me and asks how old I was, after I told him how old I was he started telling me about his son who lives in Orlando, he starts telling me his sons life, "He modeled for Ed Hardy, he modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch, he had this job and this job saying that he is going to be here in an hour blah blah.." while he is telling me all this I'm thinking to myself, "This kid is either going to be a complete meat head and is totally full of himself or he is going to be this geeky kid who is dad is trying to set up that I'm going to be trapped with for the next 2 weeks" I was totally not interested. After 10 min of talking to this guy my parents and I decide to go get food at the grill which was in the pool area. My back was facing towards the pool and my mom looks at me and says "You might want to turn around..." with her mouth almost to the floor. This kid was like a god. He has muscles all over completely in shape my type of guy and actually had a good looking face. In my mind I knew he was full of himself and I was going to be heartbroken if I even talked to the guy. After 3 hours of both of us playing the eye game of who can stare at who longer without the other one knowing he decided to ask me if I wanted to play volleyball in the pool. I hesitated because I didn't want to get to know the guy because he was everything I had wanted plus more. That night at the resort there was a band playing, food, and drinks and once we got there his whole family was there and told us to come sit and talk with them. We didn't exchange numbers but we ended up talking the whole night by the pool. The next day he came back, and the next, the 3rd night he had to work sitting at the resort his little brother comes over to me and takes my phone putting his number in my phone. From that night on we texted, I went out with him and his friends for the whole 2 weeks I was there. Ended up being the best vacation but as the vacation was coming to an end I was scared of what was going to happen because I had completely fallen head over heels in love with this kid and he is 20 living in Orlando with friends who has had many many girlfriends, I knew that I was going to leave there never seeing this guy again. Sounds crazy but we connected on so many levels and it was an instant love at first sight. 2 nights before I had to leave we were laying on his couch watching a movie and he whispered in my ear that he had fallen head over heels in love with me and doesn't want us to end. Coming from a guy like that I was totally swept away. 2 days later I had to leave, longest drive home I have ever been on, cried the whole way home. I live in Indiana, he lived in Orlando I was thinking to myself there is no way this is going to work. He is amazing, good looking, nice, caring, outgoing, sporty, hunky, determined person that I was scared out of my mind to lose. We talked about him flying to Indiana because I was still in high school but he was busy with work and I had school and swimming. We still talked on the phone, skyped, texted every single day. About 3 weeks later I get a knock at the door and he was standing there holding flowers. He came to visit me 3 times by June, we met in March. In June I finished school and he came to visit, and I moved to Orlando in the middle of June. In August I had to go to college in Texas, after a month being there thinking we werent going to make it he ends up surprising me by buying a small house right off campus. He lived there for 4 years until I was done with school. He proposed and we got married a year later. We have been together for almost 10 years, and to think we met at a resort thanks to his dad. That day started the rest of my life.


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