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We were best friends as kids

this all started when i met him. he was a really cute and shy boy and we were like best friends when we were little kids. one day when we were playing around where we usually played and i attempted to climb up a tree. i was all the way up the top until i was proud of my achievement and then i realised i had to get down through some possible way, so i tried climbing down. i was really scared, i was just past halfway through the tree and my foot was stuck. i tried to get it off that branch but i failed, so i fell down and, of course, hurt myself. he was there for me, he pretty much rescued me because he had his arms out for me. i was 8 years old then and i really liked him a lot. a few weeks after that he said that he had to move away because his parents forced him to, he moved to dubai. and after wards i spent 5 years away from him and i was still thinking of him all the time, this is when i knew i was in love. one day when i was 13 he phoned and said that he was coming home for a small visit because his family miss it here. so he come 2 weeks after that call and i was so exctied to see him, my hurt was racing a lot. he changed but in a good way, he was so much more handsome and i fell more for him. i confessed to him that i loved him one day, when it was the sunset. he said he loved me too and ever since we were a couple for around 4 and a half months. his mother used to be suspicious of us spending all our time together. but one day during his visit i was going to my bestfriend's house and i saw his bike there near her house and i was getting suspicious, so i decided to see whats going on. i found that they loved each other but i never even knew about it, my bestfriend saw me and pointed to me, when he saw me had a guilty look on his face, along with my bestfriend. i ran to under the bridge and i started to cry, it hurted me. then i went home and i was quiet, my mother was asking what happened, i didnt want to tell her, so i lied saying there was a problem in school. it took me almost a year to heal the pain. i'm still upset when thinking about it but i guess you can say im over it. thankx for reading.


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